“Participating in Ashburn Pilates has been great! I was never a ‘work-out’ type but wanted something to make
me feel more fit and healthy. The benefits from AP have been numerous: I am more flexible and feel trimmer, have better muscle tone, as well as sleep better and have more all-around energy.” -- Mary


"After having a C-section, I did not think I would ever feel my abs again! Today, I do! Thanks to Kelli's fun, innovative workouts. Her studio is warm, welcoming and comforting...and would rival the best of any spa. The classes are filled with a passion for Pilates. I would highly recommend Kelli and Ashburn Pilates to anyone looking to revive their hum-drum exercise routine." -- Deb


"Ashburn Pilates has helped me become more flexible and increased my core strength but it also helps heal other areas you wouldn't expect - like a bunion! But this workout is awesome and Kelli makes exercise fun! Thanks, Kelli for keeping us healthy!" -- Lori


"Kelli has helped me so much with my confidence and my core. She challenges me and makes me strive to be stronger and do more. I've had 4 kids and I feel amazing about myself because of Kelli. Thank you Ashburn Pilates!" -- Laura


"I have just had my third C-section and I thought I would never feel those muscles again. Kelli worked with me and now I feel better about myself than ever. Ashburn Pilates is a non-intimidating environment and a beautiful studio. I just love it!" -- Kim

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